Bloemfontein at a glance

Bloemfontein, Dutch for “Fountain of Flowers”, better known as the City of Roses by local inhabitants. Bloemfontein, situated on dry grassland at 29 degrees 06’ S 26 degrees 13’E at an altitude of 1,395 meters above sea level. The city of Bloemfontein is home to 369,568 residents while the Mangaung Local Municipality has a population of 645,455. Bloemfontein is served by the Bloemfontein International Airport.

Though historically and predominantly Afrikaner settlement, Bloemfontein was officially founded in 1846 as a fort by British Army major Henry Douglas Warden. In 1910, Bloemfontein became the Judicial capital of the Union of South Africa. The writer JRR Tolkien was born in Bloemfontein on 3 January 1892.

On the 13th March 1900, following the “Battle of Paardeberg”, British forces captured the city and built a concentration camp nearby “House Boer”. The National Women’s Memorial on the outskirts of the city pays homage to the 26,370 women and children, as well as 1,421 old men and 14,154 africans who died in these camps.

Until 1994, the city was the sole judicial capital of South Africa. It remains the seat for the Supreme Court of Appeal (formerly the Appellate Division of the Supreme Court) and is therefore generally regarded as the judicial capital. It is also an administrative centre with many private hospitals and educational institutions.

Property Rentals in Bloemfontein

Bloemfontein, a relatively modern city situated in the Gauteng province, has experienced much growth in the last decade. Many businesses have relocated to Bloemfontein due to its proximity to good highway links and its location in the economic centre of Gauteng Province. Bloemfontein's development has meant there is little break between the outskirts of Johannesburg and those of Pretoria.

Bloemfontein is home to large-scale industries such as textiles and motor vehicles, it is a superbly located business venue. Bloemfontein includes the Boulders Shopping Centre and the Gallagher Estate, where there is a large exhibition centre. Bloemfontein Airport is a general aviation airport and is situated to the East of the N1 highway. The western suburbs of Bloemfontein are all agricultural and constitute the highest equestrian area of South Africa. The more central suburbs of the area host the headquarters of many large technology and medical companies.

Some must see attractions in Bloemfontein include amongst others the Glen Austin Bird Sanctuary, Kyalami Country Club, Kyalami Racing Circuit, Bloemfontein Graduate Institute, South African Lipizzaner’s, Lory Park Animal and Owl Sanctuary and the Bloemfontein Urban Market

Bloemfontein is the seat of the Anglican Diocese of the Free State Each suburb in Bloemfontein has their own church denomination.
Churches in our area include:

•    Anglican Church – St Margaret’s & St George’s Cathedral
•    Dutch Reformed Church – Klipkerk
•    Full Evangelistic Church – Brompton Road
•    Protestant Church - Christian Revival Church    
•    Methodist Church
•    Greek Orthodox
•    Seventh Day Adventist – (South African Head Quarters)
•    Salvation Army
•    Sacred Heart Cathedral (Roman Catholic)

Famous People from Bloemfontein

•    Hansie Cronje – Protea Cricketer
•    JRR Tolkien – Author of Lord of the Rings
•    Leon Schuster – Actor
•    Zola Budd – Long Distance Athlete

Types of Property Available in Bloemfontein

•    Townhouses
•    Flats
•    Garden Cottages
•    Residential Homes

Popular areas to rent in Bloemfontein

•    Pellissier
•    Langenhovenpark
•    Brandwag
•    Westdene    
•    Navelsig
•    Dan Pienaar
•    Woodland Hills
•    Oubos Lifestyle Estate    
•    Waverley
•    Estoire
•    Bainsvlei
•    Roodewal    
•    Aboretum
•    Helicon Heights
•    Pentagon Park
•    Woodland Hills

Renting Property in Bloemfontein

Two of the best private schools are located in central Bloemfontein, namely, Greys College for boys and Eunice for girls. Schools in the Northern area include Oranje Girls School, Willem Postma, Kruitberg and Brebner Primary and High School. We also have three magnificent malls, which offer a shopping experience of a lifetime, namely Mimosa Mall (centrally located), Northridge Mall in the Northern suburbs, and of course our Waterfront. We boast with the best medical facilities in South Africa, whether being orthopaedic or cardio related.

Bloemfontein Flats to Rent

Accommodation to rent in Bloemfontein North, ranges from small holdings (farms) where you will be pleasantly surprised by paying R6000 per month for a 1ha small holding, in an area that has “buurtwag” and all the farms in the area are connected by two-way radios. Our houses range from R7000 to R10,500 per month. The most expensive area in Bloemfontein is by no doubt, Woodlands Wildlife Estate where brand new houses are being rented for approximately R15,000-00 per months and townhouses rent for between R6500 and R7500 per month. Bachelor flats, townhouses and cottages range from R2500 to about R4000-00 per month. Property rental prices are extremely low in respect to rentals being asked in other major cities of South Africa.

Bloemfontein Townhouses to Rent

2 Bedroom cottage to rent on the plots at Estoire. Thatched roof, big garden, animal friendly. Available immediately for R3850-00 per month. Hillandale retirement wildlife estate at Woodland Hills offers 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, close to medical amenities, bowling greens and swimming pool. R4500-00 per month. Rusticana, Pentagon Park. Townhouse for discerned executive boasting with 4 bedrooms, pool and pool house, triple garage. R13,750-00 per month.

Bloemfontein Houses to Rent

Houses are extremely scarce in Bloemfontein North, as there is a high demand for family homes. 4 Bedroom house with complete 2 bedroom flat for R9000-00 per month, in Dan Pienaar area.

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