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Person of interest this month is the Principal of Only Realty Coastal, Sebastien Brazeau.

Hard working, always available for his staff and customers, motivating and challenging his team to always do better.

Besides being a committed husband, he is co-franchisee of the Only Realty branch in Port Elizabeth with his wife Casey.
Sebastien was born in a very small village in Quebec on the East coast of Canada. At the age of 18, Sebastien decided to learn how to scuba dive with a friend. The goal was to become a diving instructor and teach this incredible skill to others in the Caribbean and Bahamas. He worked for Club Med in the West Indies and the Bahamas, before joining the world famous Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines.
While teaching scuba diving and supervising other water sports like parasailing, jet skiing, snorkeling, for RCCI, he met Casey who was also working for RCCL at the time.
Casey and Sebastien worked together on cruise ships for 10 years. They had the pleasure of travelling to many countries, meeting incredible people, while learning new skills. Sebastien and Casey also worked as Fine Art consultants on the cruise ships during the 10 years. Sebastien learned the skills of being an Art Auctioneer for the largest, privately owned art gallery in the world in the USA for many years before retiring from the cruise ship industry and starting a new life in South Africa with Casey.
Sebastien started a few small businesses with the support and commitment of his business partner and wife, Casey. In 2013, while searching for a business reflecting his passion for property rental investment, Sebastien found a new business opportunity by the name of Only Rentals. Casey and Sebastien worked hard to launch Only Rentals in Port Elizabeth 6 years ago. Today, Only Realty Coastal (previously called Only Rentals) is one of the most successful franchises in the group and helps hundreds of clients managing their property rentals, help tenants & buyers securing quality homes and assist sellers sell their home for the most amount of money in the least amount of time with the least amount of hassle in and around Port Elizabeth. Sebastien focus on customer service and building relationships for many years to come.
In his spare time he enjoys attending his wife's gym classes, he enjoys wakeboarding and surfing.
Sebastien believes where you come from is not important.... Where you are going, makes all the difference.

Author: Only Realty Head Office

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