As our roots are in residential rentals, we have spent years perfecting this niche area of our service! We have two fantastic service options available to a landlord, a complete Tenant Procurement/Placement Service, and then should you require, an expert Letting Management Service. Coupled with our ongoing additions of service offerings, a landlord can be confident that when using the Only Realty Letting Services, that all aspects are covered.

Tenant Procurement/Placement Service

The foundation for a good tenancy is sourcing and placing great tenants, and that’s what we focus on at Only Realty. We know our neighbourhoods, we know our properties, and work very closely with our landlords to ensure their investment is protected - it all starts with the best possible tenant!

Our Procurement Service Includes:

  • Assignment of a Dedicated Letting Broker with area experience
  • Effective Marketing
  • Viewing Management
  • Pre-Qualification of Tenants
  • Tenant Vetting
    • Credit Check
    • Employment Verification
    • Affordability Assessment
    • TPN Profile Verification
    • Reference Checks
  • Inspection Services

Letting Management Services:

Managing a tenancy is a full time job. Our experienced team take the burden off the landlords shoulders to ensure that their investment is managed efficiently and effectively. From financial management through to legal  advice and guidance, monthly rental collections, payments and maintenance, Only Realty ensures that the lease term runs smoothly.

Our Letting Management Services Include:

  • Accurate Financial Administration – Tenant billing and invoicing, landlord Income and Expenditure statements
  • Payment Collections and Allocations – Effective Rental Collection and third party payments of payments due by the tenant. 
  • Tenant Management & Legal Procedures Guidance – Managing the Breach and Non-Payment processes
  • Property Maintenance – Comprehensive property maintenance administration
  • Deposit Control – Secure deposit management via monthly audited Trust Account
  • Eviction Product – Only Realty exclusively offers OUST, the Tenant Eviction Solution, to all our Landlords of Managed leases.