is a Service provided free of charge by Only Realty Head Office.

The provision of this service may be withdrawn at any time.

The valuation is obtained from a 3rd Party vendor and to obtain the said valuation, your information needs to be shared with the vendor.

The valuation comprises a statistical analysis of the sale histories in the complex, suburb and surrounds (This is the same information Financial Institutions use in assessing the value of the property).

The report is issued as a guide only and should not be relied on. No warranty or guarantee can be given that this price will indeed be achieved.

The valuation will be delivered in person by one of our Agents. We will not e-mail reports without personal contact.

The supply of reports is subject to the availability of reports from the 3rd Party vendor.

We reserve the right to not supply a report for any reason.

We reserve the right to limit the number of reports supplied to any Party (Individual, Juristic, Trust etc).

If the information supplied is incorrect we will be unable to supply a report.

Use of this service is deemed acceptance of our Privacy Policy.

The report will contain the following details (Where available);

  • Property Details including
  • Owner Details
  • Imagery
  • Comparable Analysis (Recent Sales in Area)
  • Comparable Valuation
  • Municipal Valuation
  • Sale in Execution
  • Bond Details
  • Servitudes
  • Transfer History
  • Suburb Trends
  • Amenities in the Area

All information provided under these Term and Conditions is in the Public Domain and Only Realty has no liability or responsibility for the accuracy of the information.

Only Realty will have no liability for decisions made based on the information supplied.

The report may be incomplete, it may contain errors or inaccuracies and you hereby agree to independently check and validate this information.

You bear full responsibility for any decision you make based on the information in the report.

You warrant that you have the necessary Legal and Regulatory permission to access the information.

You indemnify and absolve Only Realty from any liability caused by disclosure or use of this information.

Only Realty may in its sole discretion, change these terms and conditions or any part thereof at any time without notice, and the changes will take effect immediately once they are published on this Website.

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