Only Realty introduces OUST – Tenant Eviction Solution!

Only Realty is excited to announce the Solution to Eviction Management! 

Only Realty is proud to offer OUST to all our Landlords on our Managed Service option

What is OUST?

OUST is an Eviction Management Solution that manages the eviction process for a Landlord, handled by a panel of expert attorneys, with NO COST for the Eviction payable by the landlord. 

What does it include?

OUST manages the eviction process from the lease cancellation stage through to an eviction order being granted, with costs for the eviction included. This means that if an instruction needs to be submitted to evict a tenant, you as the owner will not pay for anything except the sheriff costs. 

There is an Instruction Fee payable to OUST during the first six months of the agreement, however this is payable from the Tenants Deposit or claimable from the Tenant should a Deposit not be available.

OUST Cost and Payment Options

There are two payment options:

  • An Upfront Fee that provides access to the solution for the remaining period of the lease 
  • A monthly fee that provides access to the solution on a monthly basis

Upfront Payment Option

  • The Upfront Fee of R1140.00 Ex Vat payable from the September Rental
  • The Solution will then be available until lease expiration

Monthly Payment Option

  • If paid monthly, the OUST charge will be R115.00 Ex Vat 
  • The Solution will then be available until the lease expiration, provided the monthly payments are up to date

Have peace of mind that in these tough economic times, if your tenant does default, that Only Realty has the solution!